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By Blue Ribbon
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

Jocky Wilson would choke on his upper plate at the idea of computerised darts, and I for one don't blame him.

There are some sports which, when reduced to pure technique become pointless and dull, and darts is one of them. Mind you, some software houses insist on bringing out versions anyway, and this one from Blue Ribbon is, unfortunately, not one of the better ones. The display is a simple black/white/red board with two score displays. Three games are optional, 501, Round the Bored (sorry) - Board and Cricket.

The programmer has obviously watched TV darts extensively, because the ideal darts player to him is one with chronic dts. This is represented by a neurot ically quivering cross-hair, which is a shame, as the actual graphics are quite crisp.

I'd like to say something nice about this game, but apart from the low price there really isn't a lot to rave about. Its only potential buyers are probably frail but enthusiastic old grannies who tune in to Saturday afternoon darts on television to lust over John Lowe's spare tyre. Take a tip from Eric "Fatbelly" Gutbucket and sink three triple vodkas instead.