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By Blue Ribbon
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 5.11

Playing darts on a computer can never be anything like the real thing. This does not mean the computer version won't be just as enjoyable. This version for two quid is both playable and enjoyable. It has three different games called 501, Round the Clock and Cricket. They are all good fun when you have a good opponent. Also included is a time limit which adds more excitement to what might become a monotonous game.

The game is played by moving the dart over the required part of the board and throwing it. This is done by using four control keys and a fire key. It is harder than it sounds as there is a random movement of the dart all the time. Skill is involved in choosing the right moment to throw the dart. Scoring is automatic and all the normal game rules apply. The dartboard is well drawn in high resolution graphics but it takes ages to appear to begin with. If you have a couple of pounds to spare you could do a lot worse than buy this game.

Dave Reeder

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