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Sinclair User

Dark Star
By Design Design
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #69

Dark Star

Nowt to do with the ace science-fiction film of the same name, Dark Star is in fact a 1984 vintage Design Design zapper. A cross between the traditional Star Trek defend-the-universe-which-is-conveniently-divided-into-squares game and more modern efforts like Starglider, Dark Star features fast animated wire-frame graphics.

The aim is to speed through the a starscape soaking planets to land on, then knock out all the defences, using your scanner to locate powerplants, gun emplacements and refuelling towers and blasting them to fragments.

Dark Star is best played entirely with the keyboard. Fast, colourful and entertaining, well worth searching out.

Overall Summary

A worthwhile reissue which features much of the excitement of Starglider at a bargain price.

Chris Jenkins

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