Home Computing Weekly

Dare Devil Dennis 2

Publisher: Visions
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #85

In this game you play the part of Oscar-winning stuntman Dare Devil Dennis. Your first task is to get on to the filmset without standing on the director's flowers, whilst bursting as many balloons as possible.

Your cousin has stolen the Oscar, and scattered its pieces around the set. You must retrieve the pieces whilst avoiding the many obstacles - if not, you lose one of your five lives.

Each screen consists of a number of platforms. You start at the top and can move between them by falling down the gaps or jumping up from the power springs provided. Each new set is progressively more difficult with additional hazards, some moving.

The program has a bug, however. Often a hazard is placed on top of Dennis at the start of a screen, resulting in the loss of a life before you can start on the screen.

The game is great fun and can become quite addictive. Should you have an urge to be a stuntman, try Dare Devil Dennis as a safe alternative. A word of warning - the instructions are of epic proportions.