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Home Computing Weekly

Danger Truck/Bumper Thumper
By Work Force
Sinclair ZX81

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

There are two separate games on this tape, which represents good value at the price.

In Danger Track, on side one, you have to drive a car through a moving maze, trying to capture a number of flags while avoiding oil spots and trying to escape from five attacker cars.

You can use smoke bombs to confuse the attackers, but as the game runs very quickly this is not much help!

The number of flags and oil spots can be varied. The graphics are bold and the movement fast, if jerky. Loading was faultless and the game was difficult enough to keep your attention.

On the other side of the tape is Bumper Thumper, which is an interesting variation on Pacman.

You inhabit a maze made of grey blocks which can be moved around. The object of the game is to push three special blocks completely out of the maze while avoiding the 'ghost' who is chasing you.

This is not as easy as it sounds; it is possible to push the blocks into such a position that they are jammed and won't move!

In both these games you have three lives and there is a Hall of Fame at the end.

If you enjoy games that involve dodging around mazes, this is a good buy.