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Danger Mouse In Double Trouble
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer Gamer #4

Danger Mouse In Double Trouble

There have been a lot of criticisms of 'spin-of' games, i.e. games that use characters or events from other media. The original complaints were that the gameplay would suffer merely to keep within the bounds of the story.

Luckily, with games like Ghostbusters, and The Fourth Protocol, this has not happened, but with Danger Mouse In Double Trouble, I'm afraid that all the worst fears were realised.

Danger Mouse is one of the most appalling games that I have ever seen. It comes in three sections or episodes. In part one, Danger Mouse is flying his aerocar toward a jungle. Towards him are flying various robots, in earlier levels all you have to do is like yourself up with the nasty and it is shot down automatically! (Yawn.)

However, in later levels it gets a bit harder as you need to select which nasty it is that you are going to shoot on another screen at the bottom of the main display. This bit is very easy.

On the second level you have to jump across a pond on the back of an alligator a la Pitball. Then jump over a puma-type creature, or for bonus points he can run to the top of a tree and do a Tarzan-call and scare the animals away.

On the third level (great graphics, shame about the etc, etc), you have to press buttons according to colours and which ones the Baron is pointing to, during this time Penfold is running around being chased by Nero and will mess up Danger Mouse if he doesn't jump.

Then it's back to the beginning again. Overall, this is a very tedious and boring game. The graphics are quite pretty and on the highest level it does give some challenge, but the gameplay is still extremely boring. Considering the subject matter, it is probably aimed at a young (less than twelve) market, but even so I know a lot of very young players that would find it as boring as I did.