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Danger Mouse In Double Trouble
By Creative Sparks
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #53

Danger Mouse In Double Trouble

Beware games which are divided into different sections, it almost always means nobody could think of one really good idea for the game, and instead hoped that three really small ideas stuck together would be just as good. It almost never is.

Danger Mouse in Double Trouble has three sections, the flight to the jungle, through the jungle, and at the android mouse base. It's save the world time again for dear old DM and trusty sidekick Penfold (whose voice sounds amazingly like Terry Scott), this time the evil Baron Greenback plans to infiltrate the good guys with a replica Dangermouse built from spare Sinclair parts, and an old Dragon 32 or two.

Part one has DM in flying car facing a barrage of robotic devices which trundle in from the right of the screen. Each may only be repulsed by playing the correct tune on DM's juke box (don't ask me, I didn't think it up). In the easy playing levels correct tune selection just happens automatically, you merely guide the car up and down the screen until it is in a line with the current 'tune targeted' adversary. Does it sound fantastically boring? It is. Even when you get to chose the target tune yourself it goes on far too long.

The next section is sort of Pitfall, DM and Penfold run through the jungle jumping across swamps, on the backs of alligators and climbing trees to avoid nasty black pumas. Possibly slightly more tedious than part one I'd say.

The final section comes closest to containing original thought. Danger Mouse, for the usual unlikely reasons found in computer games, has to press buttons on a grid of lights - the idea being that a certain sequence will gradually switch off a pattern of yellow lights. You have to control him and watch the sequence of lights carefully.

Danger Mouse was originally a full price offering, so this budget price is in some ways a good deal. The actual programming is reasonably professional, reasonable animation and so on, but it isn't actually enough to prevent the game itself from being terminally dull.

Label: Creative Sparks Price: £1.99 Joystick: various Memory: 48k/128K Reviewer: Graham Taylor


Overall Summary

Nice presentation, but the lack of any overall game idea means there isn't enough to hold your attention.

Graham Taylor

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