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ZX Computing

The Dam Busters
By U. S. Gold
Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #21


This is a complex mix of strategy, simulation and arcade games and, surprisingly, it works. It is a very complicated game and will challenge even the most experienced player.

You are in charge of a RAF Lancaster Bomber of 617 Squadron and your mission is to destroy one of three dams, the Moehne, the Eder or the Scorpe. From the main menu you have a large selection of options; three skill levels, readout mode (digital or analogue) and the starting mode: Practice, In-Flight, Take Off.

Each member of the flight crew is you! You switch from one display to another performing the tasks of Pilot, Tail Gunner, Bomb Aimer, Navigator, First Engineer, Second Engineer and finally checking on your status, damage and score.

I ran the game several times to get a look at the screens and found them interesting but, in the main, rather confusing. This was due to the fact that the pre-production version of the program supplied to us came without the "comprehensive flight instructions, maps and documents" that are sold with the program. [We did receive a full production version of the game, but it arrived too late to alter the review - Ed]

With a game of this complexity, all I could do was get an overall impression, and that impression was very favourable.