Daley Thompson's Super Test

Publisher: The Hit Squad
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #64

Daley Thompson's Super Test

Now here's one to break your hand if not your joystick. The sequel to Daley Thompson's Decathlon will have you waggling your joystick like mad in events like Cycling, Rowing and Tug O' War. Still, not all of the events are pure wagglers: Ski Jump, Football Penalties and Springboard Diving require a combination of fast waggling and timing skill, while Pistol Shooting and Giant Slalom don't need any waggling at all! In each event you have to beat the qualification mark to avoid losing one of four lives.

Supertest is only marginally better presented than its predecessor with some Spectrum-esque graphics (why is Daley white?!) and an okay Chariots Of Fire title tune. But the addition of more skilful events makes it more playable, as well as giving your waggling arm a rest (though I found it easier to 'waggle' on keys as you can press both left and right simultaneously!). Admittedly, the pure waggling events are a bit dull (and essentially identical but for the changed graphics) but events such as Diving and Football Penalties are well implemented. Thankfully, there's also no multiload.

While not as enjoyable as Hypersports (already re-released by The Hit Squad), Supertest is still well worth a waggle.