Daffy Duck

Published in Crash #97

This despicable duck is the next in line for the Hi-Tec treatment as part of their new Loony Tunes range of software. Who did we send out into the wilderness with a duck call and decoy on his head? Yup, Nick Roberts got his popgun out.

Daffy Duck

One of the most hated cartoon characters has to be Daffy Duck. Not hated by the fans who watch his cartoons, but by the rest of the inhabitants of Toon Town. Whatever 'toon he's in, he gets duffed over, his feathers shredded off and his beak bashed off!

His spiffing new game from the Hi-tec team takes Daffy on a trip through some challenging levels. The big city, a film studio and the smelly sewers are just some of the places the duck has to visit, all packed with tricky puzzles and other characters to interact with.

All the favourite Loony Tunes stars make cameo appearances in the game. Sylvester Snr and Jnr, Bugs Bunny, Tweety, Elmer Fudd, Foghorn Leghorn... who knows who else will crop up?!

Inquisitive Quacker!

Daffy Duck: The Great Paint Caper

What makes Daffy Duck stand out from the other Hi-Tec cartoon games is the player can interact with the characters he meets. A list of questions is displayed, and they can be asked one at a time. Working out which to use is essential to completing the game.

Our winged pal comes in a variety of disguises too, including superhero and chief Inspector! He's great to play and wicked to watch!

On the sewer level, water gushing in the background is animated with a nice flowing effect. It looks really neat and adds lots of atmosphere to the game.

There are lots of animated sequences being worked on for the finished product. They may not all be squeezed in but if they are, there's a treat to look forward to!

Daffy Duck's adventures will be winging their way to you very soon on the new Hi-Tec Premier label. Look out for an exclusive review in a future issue!

Nick Roberts