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By Vortex
Spectrum 48K

Published in Computer & Video Games #40


From Costa Panayi, the programmer who brought you the chart-topping Tornado Low Level, comes Cyclone - destined to become just as popular. It's already entered C&VG's top ten.

The basic scenario of Cyclone is pretty simple. You pilot a helicopter on a mercy mission - flying around a group of islands threatened by a deadly storm - a cyclone.

Your job is to enter the danger zone, search the various islands for inhabitants awaiting rescue and pick up five crates packed with essential medical supplies. Then you must get your cargo back to base island and safety. There are low flying aircraft to avoid too.

The graphics are excellent and the screen display extremely well presented. You get a main view of the action - your helicopter and its surroundings. You can also switch views, using a "view" key, from north to south.

Instrumentation includes, speed, altitude, fuel, time remaining - plus a wind speed gauge with "danger" indicator which flashes when the cyclone is getting too close for comfort.

Once you've collected all five crates - and some people, you get bonus points for them - it's back to base to prepare for a new mission.

Cyclone is a simple concept executed with style. It is extremely addictive and fun to play too. Great value!