Publisher: CRL
Machine: Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #26

Cyborg | JR | SJ | PS | Verdict


Avernus is a huge asteroid - locked on a fatal collision course with Earth. Carrying a cargo of seven top scientists, the good ship Strata set out on its mission to find a way of altering the path of the rock. That was two months ago, and since then... nothing.

A cyborg sent to ferry supplies and re-establish contact with the team finds only a deserted ship and a garbled message left by one of the scientists; the asteroid is actually a huge alien ship, on course for Earth and intent on its consequent destruction.

You take the part of the cyborg - a strange combination of flesh and metal; better than just machine - more than merely human. His actions are controlled by joystick or keyboard, with the mission beginning on the surface of the asteroid.


The first three levels are accessed on entry to the asteroid, with each level containing rooms to be explored. A host of aliens and robots patrol and must be destroyed or avoided, as the cyborg can die like a human being.

Entry is gained to locked rooms by use of a code number, with the codes for each level obtained from computer terminals around the complex. Control of the asteroid/ship is your ultimate aim, but where is the main computer - and can you operate it even if you find it?

The screen is split in two, with the main display forming the upper half, showing our hero and his surroundings, including the enemy and any potentially useful objects. The lower half is taken up by an options display and read-out panel, which controls nine functions and is accessed by pressing f1. The game can be paused, and the current situation saved to tape and reloaded as required.


The cyborg operates using a power unit, which is protected by a shield. The shield's energy drops while blasting, but slowly regnerates itself. The power unit is damaged when the shield's power is reduced to zero - if the power unit also reaches this level, the cyborg dies and the Earth is doomed.


Cyborg is here at last, but sadly the end product doesn't live up to the pre-release hype. The concept is commendable, but the gameplay is severely marred by an extremely awkward control method.

The graphics portray the action very well, but the lack of good sound effects ruins the atmosphere. Ultimately, the main problem is the playability - it isn't rewarding or addictive enough. You may think differently, but I'd recommend that you look hard before reaching for your wallet.



The long-awaited Cyborg finally graces the Zzap! computers and... well, it's a little disappointing. There are some very nice graphics, with plenty of detail but the backdrops tend to be a bit on the gaudy side.

The action is somewhat tedious, since it seems more difficult for you to kill the aliens that it is for them to kill you.

Consequently, it could well take several serious attempts to make any progress at all. An annoying aspect is the constant use of the f1 key to access the options sheet, and also the precision needed to go through doorways - especially when under severe attack.


As it stands, Cyborg needs more life injected into it before its potential is fulfilled.


There doesn't seem to be a great deal to Cyborg and the fact that it's slow and dreary doesn't help. It doesn't feel good and the incompetent graphics and minimal sound effects ruin the atmosphere.

It would have been neat if extra equipment could have been picked up and bolted on along the way, and if there was more to do than trudge around, occasionally shooting guards and robots.


But, unfortunately, there's little in the way of stimulating action, and certainly not enough absorbing gameplay on offer for the price.


Presentation 57% The instructions are purposefully sparse, and consequently a little unhelpful.

Graphics 71% Fair 3D effect, animation and bas-relief backdrops.

Sound 31% No music and limited effects.

Hookability 45% The awkward control and poor instructions do little to pave the way.

Lastability 41% Large complex to explore, but not enough varied or absorbing action.

Value For Money 43% A glorified and expensive sight-seeing tour.

Overall 45% An exciting concept which hasn't been suitably utilised or executed.

Cyborg | JR | SJ | PS | Verdict