ZX Computing


Author: James Walsh
Publisher: Crystal Computing
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in ZX Computing #10


Crystal seem, continuously, to be switching between adventure and arcade style games. One of their first games, Merchant Of Venus, was an adventure/trader type game but with moving graphics. Cosmic Guerilla is an arcade game, Dungeon Master is an adventure, whilst Halls Of The Things is an arcade game but with an adventure-type scenario. Cyberzone is a pure arcade game. Unlike Return Of The Body Snatchers, it is not an actual copy of a true arcade game but rather a mix up of many different games.

At the top of the screen is a little green man enclosed in a space ship with a revolving floor. By firing at the space ship's floor it will slowly but surely disintegrate. Once it has, to a large enough extent, then you must shoot the alien's left foot!

There must be some hidden meaning behind this! Fortunately, the game is not quite that easy. Whilst your base runs along the bottom of the screen, the alien ship also has its own laser running along its base. This will fire on all but the lowest of the fire levels. Often, a little fighter aircraft will be sent out by the alien. These swoop their way across and down the screen, occasionally dropping bombs, which must be avoided at all costs. If a fighter aircraft is it, it will sin over and dive towards the Earth. From time to time, the alien ship will drop a scanner ship into the battle. You cannot shoot them, but the fighter aircraft can be enticed into hitting them as can the alien ship's own gun. These scanner shops do not fire at you, but rather at whatever you fire, hence blocking your fire until destroyed or retrieved by the alien ship.

James Walsh

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