Cyberball (The Hit Squad) Review | Zzap - Everygamegoing


By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Zzap #87


The future of Gridiron Football is under scrutiny in the computer version of Cyberball. Originally an Atari coin-op, the game takes us into a future where the 'old ball game' is played by 20-foot-tall robots who individually weigh more than a human team put together (even a team including William 'The Refrigerator' Perry). The rules are just the same however; the pitch is 100 yards long, split into equal ten-yard sections. Each team has four 'downs' to carry the hall as far as possible, preferably scoring a 'touchdown' in the process.

In the normal game the ball is nicknamed a 'bomb', in Cyberball this is literally true. 20lbs of high explosives make this ball something the quarterback wants to get rid of very quickly.

Whether you're on Defence or Offence, a list of possible moves appear. Just choose one and off you go. Beware if you're on Offence 'coz if you don't gain ten yards in the four downs allotted, the ball will explode. This destroys the quarterback in the process (Kaboom!). So score as many touchdowns as possible to win the game and become a football hero.

How much you enjoy playing Cyberball greatly depends on your grasp of the NFL rules. Graphically the game is very colourful, with tough-dude robots rampaging around the pitch trying to cause as much damage as possible. The range of both Offensive and Defensive moves available is impressive, and this is where knowledge of the game comes in very handy. I love the real thing with loadsa violence, big shoulder pads and scrummy cheerleaders. On budget release Cyberball is certainly worthy of consideration.