Home Computing Weekly

Cuthbert In Space
By Microdeal
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #67

A machine code arcade game featuring that intrepid hero Cuthbert.

This time you have been sent on a looting mission in outer space. First you must collect all the fuel cans from various shelves on each planet you visit. The cans must be collected one at a time and returned to the mothership. At the same time you must shoot or avoid the police craft. There are 15 cans on each planet and Cuthbert only has four lives. The shelves are arranged differently on each planet and you visit them at random each time you play. I must confess that I haven't yet managed to collect all the cans on one planet so I do not know what happens next.

The instructions on the insert indicate this is merely the first step. After this stage is completed Cuthbert then begins looting and that's not all.

The game is for one player using either joystick or keys. The graphics are good. Loading was a long slow process, but eventually successful. Despite my poor result, I did enjoy playing the game.


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