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Amstrad Action

Curse Of Sherwood
By Mastertronic
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #21

Curse Of Sherwood

Sherwood Forest has been taken over by the evil cult of Sagalia. You play the pan of Friar Tuck, who must decipher the blood-stained parchment found on the body of the Bishop of Derby.

The first part of the rhyme on the parchment requests you to gain fire protection by finding werewolves' fangs and a "scrying" glass. Then you must trek through the misty wood until you find the abode of the Witch of Good. Give them to her, and she will give you fire protection in return.

The second verse tells you that if you find the "man of solitary means" he will give you a map. However, this map is hard to decipher, but is meant to help you get safely through the forest.

The Curse Of Sherwood

Tucky makes his way around the forest, encountering all manner of nasty creatures. They shoot at him and he can fight back by throwing swords and, if he finds them, other weapons.

I like this game very much. It has given me many hours of pleasure. It is easy to get into, yet difficult to get out of. I still don't know how the scoring works. I think it works on "tasks done" like the first part of Short Circuit. Graphics, although simple and single-coloured, are still ample for the game and do not detract from the overall appeal. Sound is just the standard bang-bang.

Second Opinion

The graphics are reminiscent of Firelord and superficially so is the gameplay. However, it doesn't have the same depth, consisting just of running around shooting and grabbing objects. It's by the same author as Con-Quest, Derek Brewster, and apart from the graphics doesn't show much improvement on its gameplay.

Green Screen View

The Curse Of Sherwood

Clear screens.

First Day Target Score



Graphics 65%
P. Lots of variation in characters and scenery.
N. Blocky characters.

The Curse Of Sherwood

Sonics 39%
N. Dull.

Grab Factor 60%
P. Shoot-'em-up element is strong.
N. Unoriginal gameplay and features.

Staying Power 65%
P. Lots of difficult tasks to complete while solving the rhyme.

Overall 68%
N. Not much more distinguished than Conquest.

Bob Wade

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