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Crystal Quest
By Pocket Money
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #127

To date this has got to be the cheapest piece of software I've seen. At 99p it really does live up to its name of Pocket Money Software. The game is a text only adventure and although no message is given to confirm my suspicion, its layout and feel suggests that it was created using the Quill.

The scenario isn't amazingly novel but is sufficiently different to be attractive. You are tasked with searching for three crystals which can be used by scientists to create a serum to combat a plague which is devastating the earth. You start in a space ship clearly indicating a degree of interstellar travel.

The author gives little away with the scenario being short on clues and quite generous on problems. This, unfortunately, is aggravated by some inconsistences in programming. The operation PUSH BUTTON, for example, works in one location but results in a response on non-comprehension in another area. Another fatal, and not uncommon, flaw is that objects are described in room descriptions but cannot be taken or used. This, of course, is due to poor attention to detail.

The atmosphere generated is good with quite detailed descriptions and a futuristic character font. The usual verb noun format is used for commands and, sadly, the responses often not that helpful. Despite my reservations, this is a tricky and entertaining game which, at the price, is excellent value. Try it, even if you don't like it the money you lose is hardly bank-breaking.


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