Crevasse/Hotfoot (Microsphere) Review | Home Computing Weekly - Everygamegoing

Home Computing Weekly

By Microsphere
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #5

A two-game package, but one game is better than the other.

In Crevasse, you are exploring the Polar ice cap and are in need of supplies kept aboard our expedition's ship.

To get them, you have to cross and re-cross a terrain made treacherous by crevasses opening across your path - and then closing as quickly as they appeared.

You travel in an ice buggy, represented by a cross which you guide across the screen using the cursor control keys.

Points are awarded for successful journeys, with a bonus for quick crossings. You have ten ice buggies ot lose, and there is a high score recording facility.

A fairly lightweight game - I doubt its ability to sustain long-term interest. Uninspiring graphics, though I quite liked the way the cravasses form their jagged way across the screen. Hotfoot is a different matter both in quality and scenario. You take the role of a hungry rabbit sitting in its burrow. Your task is to get to a supply of carrots (represented by numbers) in the surrounding fields, then scuttle back to safety.

But the open fields are dangerous to would-be Bugs Bunnies. If you stay out too long, foxes represented by a moving graphics scale and a rising, pulsating tone will eat you.

To further complicated matters, the fields keep changing colour. You can only travel to the next field if it is the same colour as the one you are already in. And you have to move faster and faster as the game goes on.

It may sound complicated, but it's worth persevering with, and gave my family a lot of fun.

Attractive graphics, with a particularly handsome rabbit in the star role. I found the moving colour combinations of the fields rather hard on the eyes after a time, but the game works just as well in black and white.