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Home Computing Weekly

Crazy Fruit
By Logic Systems
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #30

Crazy Fruit is a one-armed bandit game (with no arms at all!) and is implemented in Mode 7 graphics. The teletext shapes have great charm but can only be called low resolution and have a very chunky appearance indeed.

The only other fruit machine I have played on this computer (Superior Software's) had high resolution graphics and held my interest more for that reason. There is no doubt, however, that this program is very cleverly done.

The game has nudges, holds and you can even gamble the winnings against your reflexes by pushing the win button at just the right movement.

In fact, all the features you might desire from a fruit machine are here. I do however have serious doubts as to whether I would like to play this sort of game at all. It seems too distant from winning real money to me!

The only real quibbles I have with it are that there is no winning combination table (is it really so obvious to everyone?) and that it lets you 'hold' winning combinations on occasions. The ending of the game has the ominous warning "We'll send the boys round" if one loses or a more cheerful message if one wins, both of which amused me greatly.


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