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Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #39

The game is a souped up machine-code version of the old favourite of magazine listings: Snake. In this version, you play a crawly thing whose sole purpose in life is to eat bugs.

Your crawl around the screen preying on the innocent insects, at the same time being careful not to crash into yourself or the edge of the screen.

Toadstools are dotted around the screen and trying to eat these is not recommended.

Each time your carnivorous crawler intercepts an insect, his body grows longer - making it progressively more difficult for the player to safely manoeuvre around the screen.

The graphics are fair and as smooth as a 'square-to-square' game can be. The bothersome bug is quite well programmed too - he seems to jump out of your jaws at just the wrong moment.

The game has nine skill levels. Level one is acceptable but level nine is blindingly fast. In fact, after level five the game becomes unplayable.

The speed of level five can be achieved by careful programming in Basic and hence the machine-code in this game is largely redundant.

I cannot recommend that you spend lots of hard-earned money on this game. Why not copy it out of a magazine instead?


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