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Gumboot Software

Country Garden
By Philip Lilley
Colour Genie

Published in Chewing Gum 8405

Country Garden is a new game just released by Philip Lilley, and is definitely a game that shouldn't be left out because it isn't produced by a larger software company.

The general idea of the game is to direct a caterpillar around different gardens eating mushrooms. This all seems quite simple until you realise that you must avoid the red poisonous mushrooms, the hedges and your own body!! There are however apples that occasionally appear and, if eaten, you may eat one red mushroom and increase your score.

You have three lives each new game. The graphics are enchanting to see and add to the addictiveness of the game itself. There are added features including a high score and a hold. The author has obviously taken this into consideration as you can only hold five times to prevent cheating. There are six different levels, each adding more difficulty than the previous. I have only reached level three and am looking forward to the others.

Country Garden comes with a keyboard/joystick version and is suitable for either new or old ROMs (16K/32K).

This game is certainly great value for money. It is definitely a game that should not be excluded from your software library.

Christopher Walton