A&B Computing

By Cottage
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.08

This 'program' in fact consists of four programs on two cassettes planned for 4 and 5 year olds. Stated objectives are: ability to make one-to-one correspondence; familiarise children with number symbols: matching number symbol to number symbol: and match number to amount shown. Documentation on screen and the duplicated sheet was adequate for the program.

COUNT 1. From one to five objects appear In white on the screen. A press of the space bar colours one object. too many presses produces failure. If correct a smiling face appears followed by a different group of objects; if incorrect a sad face appears and the same set of objects is repeated until the correct answer is supplied.

COUNT 2 is similar to the previous program, but after the one-to-one correspondences the number is slowly drawn on the screen and the child has to press the corresponding number key on the keyboard.

COUNT 3. Nought to five objects appear in random positions on the screen instead of being in a straight line and the child has to press the corresponding number key. Too large a number is not accepted: too small a number results in the sad face appearing.

COUNT 4 gives from nought to nine objects on the screen and works as Count 3.

My first reaction to this set of programs was that it didn't do much that couldn't be done as well using much of the structured apparatus already to be found in most nursery/infant classrooms - particularly as none of the programs offered any help to those in difficulty.. The children disagreed! They enjoyed using it; it kept their attention well: and the language that was generated in the group as a result of the graphics and use of colour, I found fascinating. Perhaps we don't ask the children often enough!

Dave Reeder

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