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Home Computing Weekly

Cosmic Raiders
By Mikro-Gen
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #10

A top quality professional product is what I've come to expect from Mikro-Gen, and Cosmic Raiders did not disappoint me.

You have to navigate your spacecraft over an alien terrain of sky scrapers and mountains whilst defending yourself against the deadly attentions of sundry Grubbers, Escorts and Interceptors.

Your aim is to rescue abducted humanoids and destroy the aliens' Mastership. Destruction of this latter target automatically moves you to a higher level.

The screen display is split, with an inset at screen top showing a panoramic view of your and the aliens' positions whilst the colourful main screen display shows a smaller area of the battlefield.

Control is via 4 and 2 keys for up and down, S for thrust and 0 for rocket firing. The left hand bottom row keys reverse your direction and the right hand bottom row keys operate a "smart bomb".

Instructions are concise but adequate and loading is straightforward and reliable.

High-quality graphics, and the game is fast and great fun to play. Highly recommended.