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Your Sinclair

Cosmic Pirate
By Byte Back
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #47

Cosmic Pirate

Guy Manly's your name and, predictably enough, killing people's your game. Innocent space traders, in fact, with the aim of nicking their cargo and selling them down the market, like, no questions asked.

What this actually involves is flying around a rather bland scrolling grid and shooting things. There are various ways of doing this, which are selected from a series of menus. It's necessary to do this several times in order to build up enough skill to progress to more important things, such as inter- planetary travel. Everything, naturally, revolves around amassing credits;

I didn't venture too far into the depths of the game, as it would seem to require a lot of patience, dedication, enthusiasm and all the other qualities I so visibly lack. The impression I got was of a graphically uninspiring but otherwise fairly sound strategy game which will probably appeal to a minority audience. I won't be returning to it, though, probably because I'm not a minority of any kind.

Jonathan Davies

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