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Corya the Warrior-Sage
By The Guild
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Your Sinclair #79

Corya The Warrior-Sage

Corya is a warrior-sage, and thus destined to do good wherever good need be done. Unsurprisingly, this game revolves around doing good deeds. Corya finds himself summoned to a village that has just been visited by a local unfriendly Dragon. It's amidst the charred remnants of houses that the villagers try to see off our hero as they're naturally wary of strangers. Once you're taken into their confidence you can start solving problems which is what all good adventures are about! This is a two part game that must be aimed fairly and squarely at absolute beginners. Why? Well after just one hour of unaided B play I'd done Part One! This part is really only a scene setter as most of it is taken up with reading whacking great messages that flow from screen to screen. There are only one or two mildly difficult problems to overcome in Part One and you only need to play it to get three passwords and to learn some lore and legend. Part Two is a bit harder, but not much. As I said above, ideal for beginners.

Tim Kemp

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