Cornilius (Bismilla) Review | Sinclair User - Everygamegoing

Sinclair User

By Bismilla
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #68


Unfortunately, Cornilius shows everything that can go wrong when adventure-writing utilities are used by a bunch of banana- fingered computer-thugs. I mean, these guys can't even spell their own name! And that's just on the first screen - after that, things go from awful to Omigod.

The authors have gone for blood-and-yucchs - you have to eat a severed hand to stave off the Hunger routine, and the locations are lovingly described as you wander around a spooky castle trying to escape. A promising scenario maybe, and one that has been used to good effect by other writers. In this case, the effect is completely ruined by some of the worst spelling, grammar and layout that I have ever seen.

All this is beaten only by the poor use of The PAW. The word list is so constructed as to not recognise universal abbreviations for standard adventuring words like Examine, so that frustration quickly sets in.

There's little point in going on. I'd still only give it two stars - one for a good price, the other for a good laugh.

Tony Bridge