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Continental Circus
By Mastertronic
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #65

Continental Circus

Probably best known for the joke related by JD when he reviewed it all the way back in issue 47. Apparently it should have been called Continental Circuit but there was a bad telephone connection. Ho ho! Ho hum. The joke wasn't very good, and spookily neither was the game. (JD gave it 60%.) Has it done a Red Dwarf and improved with age? Er, no. Your basic drive-against- the-clock jobby, it has a fair smattering of good points (8 tracks, pitstops, the way your momentum can carry you over the line after time's run out, rainstorms, a credits system) but these are, alas, outsmarted by the bad bits (truly horrid sprites, the way the opposition frequently rams you before you can get started, the ridiculously severe time penalties and the general feeling you've seen it all before). Obviously a better buy than first time round, and okay if you're desperate for (yet) another racer, but it's a 'not that' game. You know, not that fast, not that playable, not that good... (oh dear),

Jon Pillar

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