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Home Computing Weekly

By Incentive
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Imagine a rectangle covered in short paths which lead in complex ways from one area and edge to another. Then imagine that by steering a black square about, you could change the layout of the paths. Now imagine that by changing the paths you can direct something along them towards a target. In effect that's it.

The targets are bombs along the edges, the paths are fuses, the black square is a steerable pallet, and the thing to be directed is a spark. Get the spark to the bombs before your time runs out and you amass points. Success on one level gets you another much more difficult, and even a rolling opponent, which must simultaneously be steered away from your spark. Your objective is to explode all the bombs in 64 different areas.

Graphically, this is excellent, with super smooth animation and no attribute problems. Rather like a cartoon in fact. Action is fast and furious, but not a little confusing! Every conceivable control variation is available, together with skill levels, start point choice, and multi-player facility, if you can fathom out how to get them to work from the not-too-clear instructions. Sound too is good, with music on the flipside of the tape.

Sad to report, therefore, that I found this rather a damp squib. The blurb is right. This is an original idea, and superbly implemented, but it didn't make me want to go on playing. If, however, you like the concept, it's very well done.


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