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Home Computing Weekly

By Incentive
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #115

"The fuzion of mind and machine" is the enigmatic slogan that has accompanied Incentive's recent glossy advertising campaign, yet none of the adverts have provided any clue as to the nature of the game. Forever the sceptic, I am always wary of such advertising, but having just spent the past three days playing Confuzion I can confidently say that it is one of the best and most original programs that I have seen on any micro in several years!

The action takes place in a 64 story industrial plant which is involved in the production of confuzion bombs. Each floor is constructed from a series of sliding panels plus one empty section, just Like the sliding block puzzles that children play with. Each of the panels contains lengths of fuze wire of differing shapes, wandering around this fuze wire is a brightly glowing spark. Your task is to guide the spark to a bomb by sliding the panels in such a way that they create one continuous length of fuze which leads to the bomb. All of this is carried out in a race against time as the fuze at the top of the screen bums away.

As your ability increases you will encounter multiple bombs and water droplets from the sprinkler system, these droplets also move around the fuze and will dampen your en-fuze-iasm should you inadvertently let one touch the spark.

The whole game is presented with dazzling colour and incredible attention to detail, I cannot recommend this game too highly!


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