The Micro User


Author: Jon Revis
Publisher: Incentive
Machine: BBC/Electron

Published in The Micro User 3.10

Confuzion is good for you

Originality is a rare commodity in the software business, but Confuzion from Incentive Software is new, original, and should put that spark back into your computer.

The action takes place in a 64 storey industrial plant which is involved in the production of deadly confuzion bombs.

Each floor is constructed from a series of sliding panels plusoneempty section - just like the sliding block puzzles that children play with.


Each panel contains lengths of fuze wire of differing shapes and wandering around the wire is a brightly glowing spark.

Your task is to guide the spark to a bomb by sliding the panels in such a way that they create one continuous length of fuze leading to the bomb.

As if this were not taxing enough, the whole thing is a race against time.


A length of fuze, which runs across the top of the screen, slowly burns away. Should you fail to explode every bomb before the fuze burns away then it's tough luck.

All of the bombs re-appear and you must tackle the screen again ... and again, until you get it right.

As your ability increases you will have to negotiate larger grids. These contain multiple bombs plus water droplets from the sprinkler system. These droplets also move around the fuze wire. Once you have reached a screen which contains three of more droplets you find that you spend more time avoiding them than detonating bombs.

It is essential that you steer the spark well clear of the water droplets as any collision will soon dampen your enfuzeiasm.

The player is given the option to start at one of several levels. This enables even the poorest of players to tackle some of the really nasty screens.

I found Confuzion very refreshing. It taxes mental and physical agility - quite a change from the usual mindless key board bashing. The whole thing is presented with dazzling colour and incredible attention to detail. I cannot recommend it too highly.

Jon Revis

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