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By Incentive

Published in Acorn User #039

An arcade-style game that requires a lot of thought used to be a rarity. Happily the days of the simple 'zap-em-up' game are finally coming to an end, and Confuzion is one of the better examples of the new thought-provoking generation.

The scenario is a vast 64-storey automated industrial plant. Each storey consists of a grid of blocks on which there are sections of path. ARound the edge of the grid are located bombs which you must destroy. This is done by guiding a spark to each bomb before the fuse at the top of the screen burns away completely. The spark follows whatever path it happens to be on, so by sliding the blocks around you can control its progress. Be warned though. As the game progresses this becomes very difficult. Trying to 'extinguish' your hopes of success is a droplet of water - if it touches the spark it will put it out!

The graphics are very smooth and clear, and good features include a two-player option which allows you to define different control keys for each player. Recorded on the reverse side of the cassette is Confuzion - The Music by Private Property, following the recent trend to give music away free with software. I was disappointed with the sound on the game, however I think we've come to expect more than a few bleeps from software of this standard.

If you like games which require quick-thinking rather than a quick fire-button finger, then this game is probably for you.

David Acton

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