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Conflicts 1
Spectrum 48K

Published in Your Sinclair #20

Conflicts 1

Now here's a compilation with some first class wargames at a real bargain price. PSS's Conflicts 1 has three super re-released games, each different in type, which means there just must be something to suit you on this tape.

Battle Of Britain

Battle Of Britain has the RAF (you) going all out against the Luftwaffe. Waves of enemy bombers and fighters come in across the Channel and North Sea. Your job is to scramble your Spitfires and Hurricanes to prevent the Germans from reaching their targets. Action is fast, and not only must you fight, but you must keep our aircraft fuelled and armed. The control system is easy to learn and operate. You can either play a training game, or a blitzkrieg, which is the same except that the Luftwaffe is much more aggressive. For the enthusiast there's a campaign game of 30 days, in which you resupply the airfields at the end of each day. in the game there's also a simple shoot 'em up arcade sequence whenever an RAF squadron engages the enemy. The map display is clear, neat and packed with information.

A straightforward game, so the tactics are fairly simple, of course, but you can greatly improve your chances by well-planned play. A good game for beginners.

Theatre Europe

Theatre Europe, on the other hand, is played with a devastating range of armaments, including chemical and nuclear weapons. It's for either one or two players, and in the one player game you can choose to command either NATO or the Warsaw Pact forces. You can also make the computer play itself. There's an arcade battle sequence which is not particularly good and, fortunately, is optional. The main game turn (one day) is divided into phases - move, attack and resupply, followed by the same phases for the enemy. Strategy plays a more important part than tactics - supplying your armies, allocated air cover to them, reinforcing them, deciding which types of mission to fly and, last bu not least, deciding whether or not to employ chemical and nuclear weapons and, if so, where and in what quantity. The clever graphics and clear screen displays keep you in touch with events, but there isn't enough feedback on the effects of your strategies, which is a shame. Still, a good strategy game with plenty to think about.

Falklands '82

If you're a wargame enthusiast, Falklands 82 may be the game for you. There are no frills - it's played on a small but adequate map, and you can ponder as long as you like as you move or fire your British units. The Argentinians counter-attack only after you've finished. Those who like a fast-moving game may find the pace tame, but the keen tactician will find plenty to do, planning ahead and using the terrain and the many types of unit to the best advantage.

The aim of the game is to occupy all the settlements on the island, but this is far from easy. The Argies seem to spring up out of nowhere. You need to make full use of the SAS and SBS units for reconnoitring ahead of the main force and uncovering ambushes. The game system is easy to learn, for there are full on-screen prompts at all stages. A minor fault is that only one unit can be on a map square at any one time, which unnecessarily limits the flexibility of manoeuvre.

Still, it's a competently written game, not outstanding, but one that could provide hours of interest.

Owen Bishop, Audrey Bishop

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