Computer Adventures: The Secret Art

Publisher: Amazon Systems
Machine: Amstrad CPC/Commodore/Spectrum

Published in Zzap #64

Computer Adventures: The Secret Art

Getting little blisters on your pinkies from all the typing and clicking involved in rescuing yet another princess? Eyes mimicking the shape of your computer screen? Then give your delicate body a rest from the strains of computer interaction and power down for a few hours to curl up in front of the cat with a good book.

Author Gil Williamson has managed to stop developing software just long enough to write about his favourite subject: adventures. The publication - although claimed as a must for all adventurers - is chiefly aimed at those with an urge to write their own games.

From presentation through plot ideas to how to publish and copy-protect your game, Computer Adventures rolls along quite nicely, providing interesting info on a myriad of adventure-related subjects and, although it sometimes states the obvious, it should make a good read, even for those who wish to remain players rather than creators.

The one negative aspect to this overall absorbing and illuminating book is the price: eight quid for a paperback?

Computer Adventures is available from Sherratt & Hughes, Dillons, University Bookshops and a few WH Smith outlets or via mail order from Amazon Systems, Merlewood, Lodge Hill Road, Farnham, Surrey GU10 3RD.