ZX Computing

Computaword Vol 1

Author: James Walsh
Publisher: Work Force
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in ZX Computing #12

Computaword Vol 1

Computaword Vol 1 is a digest of ten crosswords to be solved with the aid of a number of rather advanced functions provided by the computer. To start with, a grid is drawn up and each clue can then be attempted. It may display all up or all down clues, or just one clue at the bottom of the screen.

As you battle your way through, the puzzles get harder and harder. The first couple are reasonably easy, whilst the latter ones are more of the Einstein variety. Each attempted solution may be checked without giving away the answer but each puzzle may be simply and easily saved to tape or copied to printer. The signal to give up will cause the display of grid plus all the answers.


Computaword has been reasonably well put together, utilising a number of ways in which a computer can improve upon the basic crossword puzzle. Unfortunately, I feel rather more could have been done to put it out as a real challenger to the orthodox crossword puzzle. The program does its job in producing a computer crossword puzzle but a lot of potential has been left unharnessed. All things considered though, it is still worth thinking about.

James Walsh

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