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Commonwealth Games
By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 3.10

I'm not a great fan of these sporting compilations, partly because there is rarely a joystick option and I'm worried about what the constant pounding is doing to my keyboard connections. Sadly, Tynesoft has not given this much thought and after three heats of eight events (All using the Z and X keys!) you may find your keyboard smoking!

However, that said, this is an excellent package. Well up to the standard of their best-selling Winter Olympics in terms of graphics and representation of the games involved. All it's missing to make it really accurate is a boycott mode!

The games covered are Hammer Throwing (speed plus angle of throw important), Swimming, Cycling and Running (baisaclly speed events but with the need to breathe in the Swimming and the need to stay on the track in the Cycling), Long Jump, Steeplechase, Rowing and Wrestling. Perhaps the hardest event in Rowing which involves co-ordinating rowers by hitting Z, X, < > in the right order.

Commonwealth Games

If you've seen Winter Olympics, then you'll know what to expect graphically. Apart from a stunning photo-like title screen, the figures are well-drawn, pleasantly large and chunky with some very nice touches here and there (especially the water splashes in the swimming).

Apart from my keyboard reservation, I'm sorry there isn't either an option to practice as there was in Winter Olympics or an option to skip certain events.

This is certainly better than either Hypersports or Olympic Decathlon and you shouldn't let the Commonwealth Games tie-in suggest that this is a hastily produced product. There are many thousands of satisfied Winter Olympics owners; I suspect there will be very satisfied Commonwealth Games owners as well.

Dave ReederDave Fifield

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