Computer Gamer

Comic Bakery
By Imagine
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #13

Comic Bakery

Somebody must have left the door open for you've got racoons running riot in your bakery! Turning off the conveyor belts and stealing your loaves. Surely you're not going to give in without a fight, are you? So dig out your trusty stun gun and start chasing!

Based on the Konami arcade game, Comic Bakery sees you playing the part of Joe the baker. You must patrol your three conveyor belts, switching them on again if necessary. You can shoot the racoons with your stun gun, which will send them to sleep temporarily. Whilst they are dreaming, you can kick them out of the way. Your gun only has a limited number of shots, so use them wisely. You do get additional shots, though, as they day goes on.

A radar at the top of the screen keeps you informed about which belts are turned off and you can leap over the racoons if you wish to hurry to turn them back on. If you touch a racoon, you lose one of your lives, although you can get extra lives for every 10,000 points you score. Another racoon is running along the top of the conveyor belt trying to steal your loaves before they reach the van. When 5:00pm comes you score a bonus for each loaf successfully baked, then it's on to the next level to start all over again.

The graphics are bright and colourful but they are the only redeeming feature of the game. It is far too easy and you get bored very quickly. In only my second game, I was up to level 17 with my maximum number of extra lives when I gave up and pulled the plug. The levels just don't get any harder. Sorry Imagine, you should've used your loaf before releasing this bloomer. Save your dough and buy something more challenging instead.

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Tony Hetherington

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