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Combat School
By The Hit Squad
Commodore 64/128

Published in Computer & Video Games #99

Combat School

Lace up yer Doc Martens an' get yet 'air cut, you 'orrible little shower, and make yer way down to the Combat School on the double, to partake in seven gruelling rounds of Marine training. From a horizontally scrolling assault course to a yomp through muddy waters, one or two raw recruits must waggle that joystick until their arms break - and then some more - if they want to escape the wrath of the Sergeant Mayor; cross him and it's chin-ups for you, my lad. Complete the training and you're assigned a dangerous mission, utilising some of the skills you learned at Marine Camp.

This is a truly mind-blowing conversion of the much-loved arcade smash, which calls on all your reserves of strength (as well as at least two spare joysticks!) for you to be in with any chance of success. Almost a scaled-down copy of the original, and sporting an amazing remix of "I Wanna Be Your Drill Instructor" from the film Full Metal Jacket, £2.99 is a minusule price to pay for a multi-event game of this calibre.


Combat School is just so good, you'll want to go and get your head shaved before loading it. First rate arcade action at a ridiculously low price.