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Coin-Op Hits
By U. S. Gold
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #97


An excellent all-round coin-op compilation with a neat mix of titles ranging from the classic Spy Hunter to last year's Christmas biggie, Thunderblade. OutRun is getting on a bit and has a stupid multi-load system, but Thunderblade and Bionic Commando are both superb. 87%


Hours and hours of fun are on offer with this package. OutRun is dire, but the other games in this package range from very good to excellent. Definitely one for arcade junkies. 83%


Thunderblade and OutRun are good. Spy Hunter is superb, but the star of the package is Bionic Commando, which sports some brilliant platform action and some amazing soundtracks. If you're a C64 owner who enjoys coin-op conversions, don't miss this bundle of goodies. 87%

Julian Rignall