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Amstrad Action

Codename Mat
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #1

Codename Mat

Based on the classic Star Raiders, this game involves defending the solar system against an invasion fleet of Myons. There are seven defence zones based around the outer planets and their moons, with Earth the target at the core.

Your shields protect the ship against enemy photon bolts while you have two photon tubes of your own that fire both format and backward. You also have a tracking system which switches views to face the object being tracked. Your battle computer gives readouts on an object's direction and range.

The long-range scan shows you objects in the nearby space while the sector scan shows the area around a planet. The solar chart shows the whole system and the status of the Centurion's systems.

Good News

P. Plenty of depth of control and game size.
P. Even lowest level is tough.
P. Tactics required as well as fast blast action.

Bad News

N. Lots of key controls can be confusing.
N. 3D graphics aren't that good.