Cobra Force
By Players Premier
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Crash #69

Cobra Force

Have you got the guts (and the underwear) to fly into the danger zone and combat the deadly enemy? If you have, grab yourself an AH-1W Super Cobra, the most sophisticated fighting machine in the air today, and join the Cobra Force. Your Cobra is fitted with a standard M197 20mm rapid fire machine gun, Hellfire anti-armour missiles and a number of prototype weapons systems that could just go boom at the wrong moment!

The game is spilt into four gruelling missions, each of increasing difficulty, and all boasting slick, colourful graphics that are a pleasure to the eye. The presentation of the whole Players Premier ads is kept up in Cobra Force with a reasonable tune on the parallax scrolling title graphic and an excellent loading screen.

But what of the game's playability? Well, I found it lacking, to say the least. The landscape is just so cramped: start flying, and within a couple of seconds you have bumped into the scenery or collided with an enemy fighter. If you don't like claustrophobic surroundings flying in the Super Cobra wouldn't be for you.

The idea of collecting stronger weapons isn't exactly new, but seems to work quite well here, but the way the Cobra bombs is very difficult to control properly. Cobra Force is really the budget equivalent of games like Silkworm: if you're looking for a very basic shoot 'em up, here it is.

Nick Roberts

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