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Amstrad Action

By Ocean
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Action #20


Aaaaaggghhhhh!!! This game really infuriates me. It's an exceedingly poor copy of a game successful on other computers. It will annoy people who bought it either through ignorance of Ocean's incredibly varying standards or because of the film.

Anyway, now to the game. Marion Cobretti of the Zombie Squad must walk the streets to find and rescue model Ingrid Knutsen from an army of psychotic killers and the Night Slasher.

There are eight levels on the city's east side, through which you must battle to rescue Ingrid. The army of psychotic killers ranges from muggers and stabbers to a deranged headbutting duck.


Along the streets are ledges onto which you can jump. These are very useful when you pursue weapons with a greater destructive capability When you kill a sniper, or blow up a booby-trapped window, a hamburger may appear. "Wow," I hear you gasp breathlessly. Well, yes, you might well say that, because if you pass in front of the window ledge on which the hamburger sits, you could get a weapon (Fanfare.) The weapon you get could be either a knife, handgun or machine-pistol.

Both graphics and sound are poor. All in all a very poxy game.

Second Opinion

I wish Ocean wouldn't advertise games before they know what the conversion is going to be like. It means they're forced to release it. however bad it is. because people get just as annoyed if the game never comets, out. It may make a few quid but it badly damages a reputation built on great games like Head Over Heels and Short Circuit. Needless to say I hated this. Avoid.

Green Screen View



First Day Target Score

Clear the first level.


Graphics 51%
P. Relatively smooth scrolling.
N. Unclear depiction of characters and jerky animation.


Sonics 35%
P. Boring and unimaginative.

Grab Factor 34%
P. Repetitive gameplay - just fight and run.
N. Movement and annoying ducks make persistence hard.

Staying Power 28%
P. Eight levels to go through.
N. No distinguishable variation between levels.

Overall 30%
One of the worst game-of-the-films I've seen.


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