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Computer Gamer

By Leisure Genius
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer Gamer #13


This is a computer version of the popular board game for up to six players. If less than six people are playing, then the rest of the characters are played by the computer.

The game follows the original faithfully, even down to the screen graphics - which mimic the original play board. And the menus for selecting weapons etc which are suspiciously similar to those little pads that you used to get with the board game.

All of the usual Cluedo features are available, with accusations, interrogations and moving around the board to two dice that are rolled at the side of the screen - this looks nice, but takes a bit of time as it has to be done for all six players, and if you are playing it on your own, it can drag on whilst the other five players have their roll.

This game is best played with other (live) players, as the computer does not play a particularly strong game. But, other than that, it is an attractive package that will appeal to the type of games player that is trying to convince his family that computers are useful, and "I can have that second disk drive, can't I?"

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