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Clever Clogs: Party Time
By Computer Tutor
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #19

Clever Clogs: Party Time

This superb package contains six simple educational games for very young children. At the start, the player sees on the screen an invitation to the party, then the list of the games which can be played (sometimes the computer will choose the game which is to be played). All of the games are very short, so that the child does not become bored and lose interest too easily, and they all end with a burst of music, which he or she will soon come to recognise.

In Matchup, the computer draws a set of five shapes, one of which has to be matched with the sixth shape which is drawn. Counting, Find It and How Many all teach the use of numbers, simple arithmetic and basic keyboard skills. The parent can specify the maximum number to be used in the counting game and the highest number achieved. In the answers to the addition game and can also enter specific numbers and letters for the child to practise with.

The final two games, Gobbler and Paintbox are particularly good for developing manual coordination and directional sense -- my young testers enjoyed Paintbox most of all the games. The player begins by selecting the colour he or she wishes to use and can then draw onto the screen. If a printer is attached, a permanent record of the picture can be output, which could then be coloured in...

This is an extremely well-designed package and, as with all the Clever Clogs programs, has been thoroughly researched with the help of children, teachers and parents.


Control keys: Parents can choose which keys to feature some of the games
Keyboard play: Very responsive
Use of colour: Very good
Graphics: Very clear

Rosetta McLeod

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