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By Superior
Acorn Electron

Published in Acorn User #043

Acres Of Action

Written by a devious Dane called Michael Jakobsen, the game has a complicated storyline, over one hundred screens and a host of problems to solve.

In one simple sentence here's what you do: travel round a huge castle collecting crystals and dumping them in a temple on an island where an evil dictator has build a teleport where his invasion force is fue to land but if you collect all the crystals before you run out of energy you can teleport yourself to his planet and collect a statue you'll find in his palace and bring it back to Earth, which will create a field of anti-matter and destroy the teleport thus averting the invasion. Or something like that.

Alternatively, you can forget about the story to start with, and just have fun exploring the castle, avoiding deadly monks, collecting keys to open door, topping up your energy from flashs and finding useful things to do with cannonballs, buckets, barrels, trampolines and such like.

If that sounds like a pretty complicated adventure, it is. By a crafty bit of Scandinavian programming, all the excellent eight-colour graphics are squashed into only 15K, leaving plenty of memory free for all the locations and characters you'll encounter as you play Superior's game.

It is promised that when you finally destroy the teleport, you'll be rewarded with a magnificent screen display and sound effects to match. I look forward to that, but I don't think I'll be in a position to save the Earth for a while, I still have to explore a few dozen more rooms, and to figure out what to do with this roast chicken I've picked up. (Why not try selling it to Atic Atac? - Ed)

Jeffery Pike

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