Home Computing Weekly

Circus Adventure

Author: M.N.
Publisher: Dragon Data
Machine: Dragon 32

Published in Home Computing Weekly #40

This is an adventure game for young children in which you have to make your way through a circus to the popcorn stand. There are around 20 different locations, and at each one you are given a choice of two different directions in which to go.

According to the instruction leaflet, which is very brief, one of the objects of the game is to make children aware of different directions.

However, my attempts to make a map produced a rather confused mess - in some cases, for instance, the North and South paths both lead to the same place, which is hardly likely to teach children that these are opposite directions.

Circus Adventure

The program is illustrated with very crude block graphics, the text is all standard Dragon upper-case, and the sound is rather odd.

As it is written entirely in Basic I listed it, and found that, for some unfathomable reason, the SOUND command has been used for music instead of the more sophisticated PLAY command.

This is a good idea, poorly executed. Many parents could themselves produce better programs for their children than this.


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