Home Computing Weekly

Chopper Squad
By Interceptor Micros
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

An arcade game for the CPC464 featuring the current biggie, the helicopter.

You manoeuvre it round the screen collecting bits of a jet plane, and placing them down in the bottom right hand corner. As you do so, a jet begins to take shape at the top of the screen, and after completing one, you start on the next. The bits float down from the top, often landing on a variety of platforms through which it appears you can fly from below, but land on from above.

Sounds simple? The complication is that there are aliens, a different type and shape for each level, which get in the way. You can, of course blast them away, and when you succeed in making one complete plane, the aliens change and become more attentive.

Sound is adequate: a reasonable engine noise and laser zap, and the graphics are quite inventive, though if you have seen a few of this type of game, you will soon realise that this is the same plot as Jet Pack from Ultimate for the Spectrum. As the Amstrad is a graphically more sophisticated machine you might expect them to be superior, but they aren't quite as good. In my opinion they have neither the detail or the ultra-smooth movement.

The bonus here, however, is the price. At £2.95 cheaper than the Amsoft games this is excellent value for money and thus worthy of a place in your collection.


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