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Computer Gamer

By Sparklers
Commodore 64

Published in Computer Gamer #4


As a helicopter pilot, your task is to destroy the enemy power plant. To do this, you must complete three screens interspersed with refuelling screens.

On the first screen your chopper appears on the right of the screen. You must dodge up and down to avoid oncoming choppers, firing as they fire back. Occasionally, a jet plane or a large chopper flies across the screen.

After a time limit has expired, you must guide your helicopter to refuel with a plane.

Next you are on the right of the screen facing oncoming balloons, airships and geese with no weapons to hand. You must dodge up and (yawn) down the screen to avoid collision.

After a (yawn) time limit, you must refuel again.

The final screen is the power plant, which has three locks hidden deep in the mountainside. By dodging the non-destructable, non-firing guardian choppers, you can shoot out the locks and gain access to the power plant. That is assuming a third helicopter doesn't get you first.

Sounds uninspiring? It is. A Sparkler without any sparkle. Chopper round for something else. (Zzzzzzz.)