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Sinclair User

Chinese Patience
By Atlantis
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #44

Chinese Patience

Patience, the solo card game, is usually classed as a non-competitive game. Against an opponent it becomes more a battle of wits. But playing against a computer has to be the ultimate challenge.

The rules involve taking a card from a face-down deck and placing it upon one of eight piles - four piles being filled in ascending order with cards of the same suit, four with descending cards in alternating colours. You can twist - take the next card from the face-down pack - once in a turn or each time you place the previous card. The game concludes when you have run out of cards, or moves.

Chinese Patience sets you against the computer. Players start with an equal number of cards; the winner is the first to get rid of all their cards. The rules are now extended to allow legal dumping of cards on each other's pile.

Taking turns, you progress through the game; both able to see each other's current card and the state of play on the piles. Your interest is maintained throughout the computer's turn as you watch it block your path and you plot revenge.

The graphics, though basic, are clear and well presented. There are a lot of instructions, but those can be quickly grasped while playing. The computer will catch you out on every point at first, but with practice your wits will sharpen and satisfaction is yours when you beat it.

You can choose to play in single games, but it is more fun if you play in matches; the computer keeps the scores, announcing the winner with great zeal.

It is an excellent low priced game which will fill a small gap in the market.

Colette McDermott