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Chinese Juggler
By Ocean
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #33

Chinese Juggler


Throwing plates into the air and balancing them on poles might not be your idea of fun but obviously somebody at Ocean Software thinks that a Chinese Juggler makes a smashing game.

Your performer must take the plates from the piles set at the front of the stage and toss them into the air until they are the correct colour to go onto one of the poles.

Chinese Juggler

Once you achieve the correct coloured plate you can spin it on one of the poles and return for another. That continues, together with odd intervals where you must re-spin plates which are threatening to fall, until all of the poles have been used.

After initial interest wanes the game becomes slightly boring and then excruciatingly so. Each level is easy and once you have been past the eighth or ninth level there is not much left to do.

The game has proved popular for the Commodore 64 which probably confirms what you have always suspected of Commodore users.

John Gilbert

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