By Firebird
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Computer & Video Games #50


If you're looking for value for money... and we mean *real* value for money... then check out Chimera on any of the main 8-bit formats. You won't be disappointed.

It's the first game in Firebird's new Super Silver range, and one can only hope other games in the range maintain the same high standard.

Comparisons with Ultimate's Alien-8 are inevitable and flattering for programmer Shahid Ahmad.


The game is a maze-type arcade adventure set onboard a mysterious ghost spaceship.

An American astronaut is sent up to investigate. He has to blow up the ship by collecting, making and priming four warheads. He then has to escape before the big bang.

Various objects are to be found in the rooms to help the mission. You've also got to keep an eye on your water and food supplies.


Various bizarre hazards are to be found around the craft, including radiators and egg-timers!

There are 64 rooms to be explored - so mapping is vital. The three dimensional graphics of the rooms are clean and sharp, and the colours bright and clear.

Overall, Chimera is an excellent game which raises the quality of budget games to a new standard.